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 [ ] Mag is an all womyn, femme, and non-binary collective founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We started in 2018 with the goal of creating a platform for art to live in our community. We aim to showcase, support, and celebrate the art of our contributors and to break down barriers for womyn in the arts. 
 our mission

 Our collective is at the core of what we do. We understand the gravity and importance of our mission and work to give power to the collective's voice.
We ground every decision in our core values and goals.
1. We break down social constructs. [ ] understands the severity of social constructs on artists and we work to not only give our artists a voice, but also to create a safe space for art to live.  
2. We believe that we are stronger together. Our goal is to not only create meaningful content together, but to support one another with our own individual work and projects.
[] mag

[ ] Mag is a submission-based zine published both online and in-print. [ ] Mag has no rules or guidelines. We select what will go in the volumes by what speaks to us the most. We don’t attach names of artists to works, in hopes of not deterring them from submitting their more personal work. We encourage all femme/non-binary identifying persons to submit their work including: painting, drawing, writing/poetry, photography, graphics, collages, and everything else in between.
[ ] events

The [ ] collective strives to create events for our publications that showcase the talent and contributions of our collective. These events include Zine release parties, album releases, galleries, fashion shows, concerts and many more 
If you are interested in collaborating or have any inquiries please submit a proposal below
How to get Involved

We are open to adding members to our Editors Team, in addition to our collaborators list and contributors list.
Editors are those who are the ones behind the scenes. The main organizers and contributors to the [ ] zine and directors/art designers for [ ] productions. This is a time heavy commitment and we are looking for those who have a variety of experiences and expertise. 
We are currently searching for those who are interested in set design, and or gallery/installation design. If interested please contact at blnkmagzine@gmail.com
Contributors are the heart of our collective. All contributors will receive free entry into our events for and one free copy of [ ] Mag to keep.
Please check out our instagram page to follow submission deadlines and release updates @blnkmag
Collaborators will assist with installations, set design, event coordination or planning. Our collaborators also include designers for fashion shows and showcases, performers such as dancers, DJs, bands, musicians, and video elements at our events. Perks include small payments, free admission to all of our events and opportunity to be a part of the [ ] collective.
Check out our contact page if you would like to get involved!

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